Masterkey Solutions

Masterkey solutions for residential or commercial purposes.

Available Masterkey Solutions:

A masterkey system is designed to restrict access to particular areas of a building allowing only authorised personnel to enter. Furthermore, a masterkey system will ensure a facility or building has the desired level of security to ensure safety. 

View our extensive range of masterkey solutions below:


EVVA 3KS PLUS uses a unique pinning system of spring-less carbide sliders that active two sidebars. The system therefore eliminates key bumping and makes picking and scanning attacks difficult and time-consuming.


The EVVA AirKey is a smart electronic lock system designed for the requirements of the modern home. It transforms your smartphone into the key to your home – exactly what everyone wants, particularly those who are prone to losing their keys!


LK2 is Carbine’s new & effective restricted key system. Without a restricted keying system, keys can be easily duplicated, providing access to your business.

The LK2 system offers high levels of security, flexibility and quality in one complete package.

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