People Counting

People counting technology to influence business performance

Count patrons. Capture behaviour. Improve experiences.

  • Be informed about volume of patrons, behaviours, and spending habits with people counting technology from Boss Locks.
  • Monitor entrance and exit visits, in all venue types.

What is People Counting and how will it benefit your business?

People counting within your venue provides effective management of patrons. Whether your venue is operating as a pub, club or any other business, people counting can effectively monitor guests, count visitors and give staff or management the data and analytics required to make informed decisions on marketing, customer experience and business planning.

The technology and software required for effective people counting will allow for an array of opportunities to better understand your business. For instance, find out about peak times, capacity management, how well your marketing has performed, or even calculating average spend per head, which in turn forms part of a vital business performance measuring system.

Our current client portfolio are leveraging their people counting technology to review analytical data in order to effectively plan for strategic events or promotions, as well as determine changes in behaviours amongst patrons.


Our people counting analytics also gives you the insight you need to ensure the optimum operations of your premises by determining the ideal staff-to-visitor ratio, based on the bustiest period of the day/week.

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