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Residential Safes

CMI Home Safes

For moderate security, secure one of these safes to the floor or wall. 
Affordability meets functionality.


Miniguard Domestic Home Security Safe

With 25mm diameter locking botlwork, 8mm steel plate door with 4mm steel plate body. Key combination or digital locking available.


Homeguard Plus Home Office Safe

10 point locking 32mm diameter boltwork, expanding fire seal, adjustable shelves, 24 month warranty on locks with anti jack hinges makes ths advanced safe perfect.


Homeguard 2 Plus Home Office Safe

A heavier more robust safe than its predecessor, the Homeguard Plus, the Homeguard 2 is bigger to accommodate storing of more valuable items.


Security Explosive, Drill & Force Resisting

Designed to fir perfectly into the wall of a home, this safe makes it the perfect addition to keeping your valuables safe. The door boasts a heavy 12mm steel plate and hinged on hardened 12mm pins. The body is reinforced with 3mm steel, whilst all locks are protected by 6mm case hardened plates.


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