The EVVA AirKey

The Smartest addition to your home security

What is the EVVA AirKey

The EVVA AirKey is a smart electronic lock system designed for the requirements of the modern home. It transforms your smartphone into the key to your home – exactly what everyone wants, particularly those who are prone to losing their keys!

How it works



Send your AirKey lock location to friends, or guests who might be staying with you.

Send a Key

Send electronic keys to contractors.

For iphone & Android

Accessibility. Be free to unlock your doors.

Data Security

End-to-end and SSL encrypted data transfers.

AirKey turns your smart phone into a key

Part of the beauty of the products is the AirKey online app. The app allows you to grant keys to family members or flatmates, manage access to your home and even remotely send temporary keys to contractors and visitors – so no need to rush home anymore.

Are you a serial key misplacer? 
Now you don’t need to worry about losing your key again. The reason is that with the AirKey you have the ability to remotely grant and revoke access to any new smartphone, keytag or card in seconds, worldwide.

The AirKey is the perfect addition for even those who rent their homes, or offer short stay accommodation, such as Air BnB. Using the app, you can grant temporary access to visitors that will automatically time out once their
stay is complete.

AirKey is also equipped with geotagging, allowing renters to get directions right to your front door.

Upgrade to AirKey now to unlock more secure and smart control of your home.


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