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Most people think that a locksmith’s job is merely to replace keys or let someone get back into their home or vehicle when they get locked out. While that is indeed a big part of what we do, the reality is that we offer so much more.

At Boss Locks, we provide many more services that are aimed at helping you keep your belongings safe and preventing break-ins into your property. In this aspect, we specialise in installing all types of alarm security systems to keep your home or business premises secure.

What was once a luxury that could only be afforded by the more well-heeled, security alarm systems are now an indispensable part of any property owner’s arsenal in combating burglary. It may be a sad indictment of modern society but it is one aspect of life that we have to accept.

When you approach us for an alarm security system, we will inspect your property and consider all the important areas so that the security alarm system will suit your specific requirements.

Depending on your needs we may suggest a movement detector alarm security system that detects motion/heat changes or a magnetic reed security system alarm that triggers an alarm when the circuit is broken.

Advanced Wireless Alarm Systems

We also specialise in all types of advanced wireless alarm security systems that will not only sound off but relay the alarm to a central monitoring base. We even have security alarm systems that will show you which specific area in your home where it has been activated.

We have also kept up with technology and offer the latest IP-based security alarm systems that can connect to your smartphone or other device so that you can better monitor safety of your home.

Apart from installing electronic security alarm systems, we carry out periodical servicing and maintenance that are vital in ensuring that your alarm is always properly calibrated and functions optimally.

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If you are looking at securing your property with an alarm security system, Boss Locks can do the job for you. We have years of experience in providing highly dependable security systems to residential, commercial and industrial clients. You can depend on our expertise to keep your premises protected at all times.

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