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Crime is a reality around the world and these days people are spending a lot of money to put as many deterrents like alarms, intercoms, burglar bars and cameras in place so that they can safeguard themselves and their possessions. We are all well acquainted with the numerous locks and keys we have for our homes and cars, and without the services of reputable locksmiths, we could find ourselves in trouble when we lose an important key. With 24 hour locksmith Sydney services we can have peace of mind that there are people who are dedicated to helping us find lost keys and to install install new locks when our current ones have been vandalized.

Locksmiths who specialize in residential-, commercial- as well as car door unlocking services have expert knowledge in ensuring the safety and security of your home and office and will handle any locksmith job or lockout situation you find yourself in and get you out of your tight spot quickly.

Everything from Lost Keys to Picking High Tech Locks

In emergency situations, the availability of 24 hour locksmith Sydney specialists can be a huge relief and apart from handling regular locks and keys, they also have the expertise to deal with more complex , high tech locks. Older locks are easy to unlock without a key for a locksmith, but the newer locks require advanced lock picking tools because their perfect precision and optimum quality make them extremely resistant to tampering.

Leading locksmiths in Sydney keep up to date with all the changing rules and trends in security and locksmith services in Australia. For instance did you know that from 2006 it is mandatory for New South Wales residents to have at least one smoke alarm in their homes. These alarms have to be on each level where people sleep. Statistics show that fires mostly happen at night, and smoke alarms play a vital warning role. Sydney locksmiths have all the knowledge you need on smoke alarms and the best ones for your particular circumstances.

The Latest Tools and Knowledge Ensure Excellence

Sydney locksmiths are also clued up about the different alarm systems linked to some locks, and they have all the latest tools and machinery to assist them in solving many lock-out problems plus all the necessary safety equipment to ensure each job is successfully completed. People who are locked out of their homes or cars, don’t want to wait long to have their keys and locks attended to and the best locksmiths always make use of well equipped mobile workshops so ensure customers aren’t inconvenienced with long, frustrating waits, but that the problem gets sorted out on the spot. Some of the services 24 hour locksmith Sydney experts offer:


  • lock out services
  • electronic car keys
  • installation of cameras, intercoms, alarm systems
  • home safes
  • all door locks
  • new keys for locks
  • deadlock and window locks to insurance standards
  • smoke detectors, smoke alarms, home alarm systems
  • sliding door- and window repairs
  • security screen doors


Boss Locks Locksmiths & Security Pty Ltd are 24 hour locksmith Sydney professionals who have been providing a range of specialised locksmith services since 2002 to both commercial and residential clients. Their customers appreciate working with an accredited, fully licensed, fully insured and police-checked team.

Australians love knowing that that every day and every night, a reliable and trustworthy team is just a phone call away, ready and available to tackle any locksmith job with competence and experience. Apart from their locksmith skills, customers want to deal with a technician who is courteous and who cleans up after the job is complete, and who works as unobtrusively as possible to ensure the least amount of disruption.

Boss Locks Locksmiths

Boss Locks supply products from the top names in the security component manufacturing field, and they also educate their customers on the use of each of the products. Losing keys and being locked out of your home or vehicle happens to everyone, but with 24 hour locksmith Sydney specialists, you can rely on their capabilities. Whenever you need the help of professional locksmith services, Boss Locks have all the skills needed to make light work of your particular problem.

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