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When it comes to protecting your home, keeping it under regular lock and key doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore. Burglars have become more sophisticated and as a result, homeowners have to rely on better home protection measures to stay safe.

If you are looking at enhancing the security of your house with a new home alarm system, Boss Locks is here to help you. We are experts in alarm systems for the home and have been the number one choice for Sydneysiders for many years. Although home alarms generally consist of the same components and have the same purpose of deterring a home invasion, the methods used to detect a burglar may differ.

The Latest Technology

Some of the basic home alarm models we have include magnetic reed switches, which trigger an alarm when an intruder opens a door and breaks the circuit. Moving up the home alarm system chain, we also have home alarms that utilise infrared technology, ultrasonic waves, and microwaves to detect movement.

When a local home alarm system will not suffice and you want to keep greater tabs on your house while you’re away, Boss Locks has IP-based alarm systems for the home that can relay information over a network to your mobile device.

This is an addition to the alarm systems that are connected to services that automatically dispatch the police upon detection of a security breach. Depending on the individual home alarm system, you can also set the alert to be silent or audible.

However an audible alarm system is still the most popular option among homeowners who just want to scare an intruder away.

No matter what type of home alarm system you need, you can rely on Boss Locks to advise you accordingly on the various benefits of each type. We will inspect your the property you want to protect and work with you in identifying possible areas of entry.

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