Automatic Gates

Having an automatic electric gate provides an extra level of security protection to deter intruders. Apart from that, automatic gates also help to ensure that children are kept from wandering onto the road and that they will always remain secure within your compound.

Additionally your cars, sheds and whatever equipment you leave outdoors within the home can be kept more secure behind an auto gate. This means your prized belongings will have less chance of being victims of vandalism or other damage from scoundrels.

Automatic gates also give you the convenience of opening and closing your gates by remote control. This comes in very handy during the rainy season or during winter as you will not have to step out from the comfort of your car to unlock your gate.

Our auto gates can also be combined with a door surveillance and entry system that allows you to speak with anyone outside from the security of your home. This is many times more beneficial that risking a face-to-face conversation with a stranger at your front door.

Trained and Experienced

At Boss Locks, we have a team of trained and experienced auto gate installers that can meet your requirements for added security in a residential or commercial setting.

For our commercial clients, we offer custom fabrication of security auto gates, ram raid bars and bollards that are designed to restrict vehicular access into a compound. Our custom designed auto gate solutions can also be paired with an access control system for greater convenience and security.

Boss Locks has been in the business of designing and installing auto gates for many years and we are able to help you install one in any configuration – from a residential swing gate or a commercial sliding auto gate.

Call us today

We only use high grade auto gate materials and locking hardware from top quality brands such as Ryobi and Lockwood just to name a few. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can better secure your perimeter with an automatic electric gate that suits your specific requirements.

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