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According to Fire & Rescue NSW statistics, there were 144 fatalities across the state from 2000 to June 2005 due to house fires. And according to a case study, up to half of those fatalities could have been avoided if the homes had a working smoke detector.

To avoid being a statistic, each home needs to have at least one smoke detector installed. In fact, it is a requirement bound by legislation that was enacted in 2006.

At Boss Locks, we can help you comply with the NSW smoke detector legislation guidelines as we specialise in the sale, installation and maintenance of smoke alarms.

We have a broad range of multi-sensor fire and smoke detectors that can cover various requirements and you sure to find the correct one you need.

If you are unsure, our technicians are well-suited to give you advice on the right type of smoke detectors you need after inspecting your property.

Compliant with Australian Standard

All our smoke detectors comply with the Australian Standard AS3768 and you will be able to verify this on your own because they will be clearly labelled as such.

We have two main types of smoke detector alarms, namely photo electric smoke detectors and ionisation smoke detectors. Both have their unique strengths and we are able to recommend the right one based on your individual requirements.

Photo electric smoke detectors work by “seeing” smouldering fires usually caused by overheating electrical equipment and will be able to give occupants of building an early warning of a fire. This is because the fire will be detected while it is still small and as such people will have better conditions in which to exit a building.

Ionisation smoke detectors meanwhile are better suited for detecting flaming fires but this gives people less time to react. However these smoke detectors are less expensive and last longer as they require less battery power to operate.

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