Smoke Alarms

Since 1 May 2006, it has become mandatory for all NSW residents to have at least one smoke alarm on each level of their property where people sleep. This includes all homes from owner occupied houses, relocatable homes and rental properties.

The reasons behind this strict requirement are fairly obvious when confronted by just a few of these pertinent facts:

  • One in five Australians will go through a house fire in their lifetime as about 11,000 house fires are recorded in the country each year.
  • House fires caused 144 deaths across NSW between 2000 and June 2005.
  • House fires tend to occur more in winter when people use fires, heaters and other electrical equipment to keep warm.

Government statics also show that most fires tend to happen at night or in the wee hours of the morning when people are fast asleep. This is where smoke alarms play an important role in warning people when there is a fire.

At Boss Locks, we offer a wide a variety of fire alarms, smoke detectors and the requisite installation services for your safety as well as the protection of your loved ones against an accidental fire.

Many Designs available

While there are many designs and sizes available, they all comply with Australian Standard 3786 and generally fit into two main categories – photoelectric smoke alarms and ionisation smoke alarms.

With a photoelectric smoke alarm, you stand to get an earlier warning as this type of alarm can detect a fire before they rage out of control. It has a light sensor that can “see” smouldering fires so that you will have extra time to exit your home.

Meanwhile ionisation smoke alarms are more suited to detecting flaming fires. They work by producing ionisation in the air and then detect any changes caused by smoke. Ionisation smoke alarms require less power to function but the downside is that they take longer to detect a fire.

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If you are unsure of which type of smoke alarm would suit your needs, contact us today to see how we can help. We also carry out smoke alarm system maintenance and testing to ensure that they are working as they should.

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