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When was the last time you inspected your door locks? In any home, one of the most often used, and most often taken for granted, is the door lock. Often it is what stands between theft and most of our belongings – our loved ones included. Does your door lock click shut immediately after you come through the threshold? For those with less-than-virtuous intent, a poorly closing door lock is the best way to gain entry into a home. This is why door locks have to be inspected closely and periodically. It may be time for a change.

Door knobs, as virtually all homeowners and residents know, are arguably the most common type of door locks in any home. Door knobs come in a wide variety of material including plastic, wood, ceramic, and metal. The most common is some type of metal such as aluminium or brass, which function as the door locks of most homes in combination with deadbolts or similar door locks. Knob-type door locks are usually just locked by pressing or turning a button or by turning a key. This type of door locks, along with deadbolt types should always be inspected and replaced when necessary.

Inspection, Repair and Replacement

Inspection of door locks can be fairly simple – it just needs attention to detail. First part of the inspection is mostly the general integrity of the door lock. Check it from several directions in good light for any dings or indentations in the metal that look to have been cause by accidental impact. Next would be is to check the lock and unlock process. Is it consistently smooth and glitch free? Can you perform locking and unlocking without hitches? If the motion feels rough or you feel the need to jiggle the key or even force turn it, you may want to consider a change. These deficiencies may have come from poorly selected door locks or simply material fatigue from years of use. For inefficient door locks that may accidentally lock you out, the logical next step would be to call a reputable locksmith to take care of your troubles.

Aside from thoroughly inspecting a door lock for deficiencies and integrity, care should also be given to the people who are given access to the door lock. Keys and duplicate copies should be given only to trusted people and should be kept track of. Door locks that have over-duplicated keys that are not tracked should also be considered for replacement – like in the case for apartments and even offices that have gone through several tenants. Sometimes, tenants from years ago come back just to test keys they’ve kept.

High Quality Door Locks

Homeowners should realize that investing in a good quality set of door locks can be one of investments made as it protects not just property but also secures people. For those who spend most of the day away from home, door locks – along with other security measures such as alarms and cameras – are the best thing to have for protection and peace of mind.

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