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Most people think that a locksmith’s job is merely to replace keys or let someone get back into their home or vehicle when they get locked out. While that is indeed a big part of what we do, the reality is that we offer so much more.

Depending on whom you want to believe, crime rates have either gone up or gone down in Sydney. But whatever the case may be, residents are still feeling more comfortable with taking matters of security into their own hands.

And thanks to continued advancements in home security technology, many people are resorting to have extra protection for their home and businesses via the use of security alarms.

Alarms and Deterrents

Alarms, even the most basic ones, serve as a useful deterrent as burglars usually target houses with no added protection. So even if you only have a basic alarm system and advertise the fact that you have 24 hour protection, an intruder would rather look for a home with less complications before risking breaking into yours.

In addition, even if your house ends up being burgled, the amount of valuables stolen will usually be less than it would be if it had no protection at all. This is because the loud ringing of an alarm will be disconcerting for anyone in the house and will hasten their departure.

Apart from preventing a home invasion, there are also alarms to warn you in case there is a fire in the house, thus giving you time to evacuate your property. In fact, fire alarms or smoke detectors are mandatory to be installed in any building in NSW where people sleep.

At Boss Locks, we are your one-stop shop for all types of security and fire alarms. Our well trained and qualified professionals will first discuss your requirements with you and make recommendations upon inspecting your property.

We can install many different types of alarms of varying sophistication, from magnetic reed switch alarms to complex wireless options that detect heat signatures and movement in particular areas.

No matter what you need and what your budget is, you can depend on Boss Locks to have just the ideal solution for you when it comes to alarms.

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